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A Suffiently Advanced Technology?

Voted 'edgy!' and 'provocative!' by sensitive and easily offended people

Irresponsible Niggerbot 9001
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I'm somewhat of an internet solipsist. Please don't demand that I take this website as seriously as you might, especially if you display unwarratned self-importance in the process. I'll only laugh at you.

Now that's out of the way, don't expect a lot of entries(if any) about my personal life. I'm not here to discuss the minutiae of my day to day existence because I don't think any of you give a damn if I had a flat tire on the way to work. Not that I blame you.

Do expect me to talk about people and events outside of myself. And if it's not interesting enough for you, feel free to de-friend me without an angsty temper tantrum about it on my part.

Sometimes I just add people without asking them to add me back. If I did so, just assume that I found your journal interesting for whatever reason.

Other Things To Know About Me:

1) I am a political independent. To you parisans out there, that means I approach your ideologies with a certain amount of what I believe to be justified skepticism, i.e. I'll call you on your bullshit.

2) I am INTJ. Read my description here.

Strength of the preferences %
Introverted 11 Intuitive 62 Thinking 50 Judging 11

-slightly expressed introvert
-distinctively expressed intuitive personality
-moderately expressed thinking personality
-slightly expressed judging personality

3) In a mixed marriage with a Chinese woman and have one daughter with her.

They Said The Following:

"You have a balanced view of things. Who are you and who let you on the interwebs???"-mycroftholmes

"We appear, yet again, to be on the exact same page. Uncanny."-prader

"Your art is awesome. ^.^"-underlankers
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